You want the truth ? Well here it is.

Eventually,you forget it all. First you forget everything you learnt- the dates of wars and pythagorean theorem. You especially forget everything you didn’t really learn,but just memorized the night before. You forget the names of all but one or two of your favorite teachers, and eventually you forget those,too. You forget your junior year class schedule and where you used to sit and your best friend’s home phone number and the lyrics to that song you have played a million times. And eventually,but slowly, just fade away,you forget who was cool and who was not. Who went to good collage,who threw the parties. Who had the most friends,who was the first crush. You forget all of them. Even the one you said you loved, and ones you actually did. They’re the last to go and then once you’ve forgotten enough you love someone else. So,just before we forget lets say a thankyou. Thankyou to our school. To people who taught us that everyone is not good enough. But then you have to be the good one.

And a big part of me is really thrilled about farewell. I have waited so long for this day but now,finally when the day has come a big part me wishes that time pauses so that I can hold on to everyone. It’s gonna be the last day, last day of being with my life:my people. It has been fifteen long years, that now I am adddicted to this habit, to these people. They are like drugs and now I am addicted to this drug. And it’s becoming hard to let it go. To change this habit. When I look back on life,alot of things has changed but then there are these few relationships that are eternal. They are not just part of my life. They compose my life. Though some relationships have changed but then the love is there.
My school has taught me great deals,not just the book lessons but lessons of life as well. Whatever I am today as person is because of my school. The sweet and sour experience makes all of us who we are.
I’ll miss my school,it use to be a big part of life. It’s actually like a second home. Now, I won’t get that warm hug of love,the hug that actually felt like homecoming. That hug that my best friends use to give me when I enter the class. Now nobody will be happy and shout on seeing me,’oye apoooorvaaa’. Now noone will say,” bhai-bhai aagya tu.”Now nobody will call me and ask, ” are you mad?” “You always miss school on happening days?” And then won’t give the details of every minute. Now noone will eat my lunch. Noone will fight with me for it. ( samose wale aloo sandwich and the mint chautney). Now,I won’t be able to tease and poke. Noone will tease with variety of names I have. Noone will tease me by saying,”oye moti tera best friend,tera soul mate.” These people are not just part of my fifteen years long journey,but together they compose a part of me. Together they constitute me. And now things will change. Distance and differences will take charge. Distance have already taken over,things have changed,our friendship has changed. We might grew apart but our love will last long. There are people I am close too. And there are people I am not close, but my love all of them is equal. Maybe we won’t talk in years ahead but if you ever need me you’ll always find me by your side. For you and with you. FOREVER

P.S : You are important. I love you. My love for you will never vanish. And there is a corner of my heart that belongs to you.


Love xx

Once a hansarian,always a hansarian.


These people are lifelines ❤
I don’t need to be defined by others. But I like being defined by these people.