White Light ✨

At the end of the day. It’s the white light you have to imagine. Everything is screwed up, but this clichéd typically clichéd, white light is same. Just close your eyes and imagine this light. It’s not about darkness or sadness or happiness or wonders. It’s just about positivity. The hope, hope that things will be better. Faith, faith that whatever happened has a reason behind it. And trust, trust and faith are parellel. They co-exist with each other. They work together, like directly proportional things. So yes. It’s the positivity. Just that. Too stay positive. To see good in everything. Life sucks. People lie. People are worst, not even deserving to be called as humans, literally we have polluted that term. Yet there is always a good. Just look for that good. And these things do work. If you believe, they will. Like I said faith and trust. But not on people, but your ownself, and the fact that everything that happens have it’s own reasons. People are fake and they remain fake. But, your own positivity will make you strong and work it out. Just you.

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