Good Humans ? 

What is good human being ? Is there any fixed defination for this? No. I don’t believe in that. No one is good. Human beings are now mean and practical only. And everyone is fake. But you remain true to that one person you call as ‘my person’. Someone ever wise, according to me, told me once that if you want to understand someone consider them as ‘HUMANS’ mere simple Humans. Not something I was’nt aware of. I knew that. But what he told me was to not to tag them with as ‘my person’ ‘bestfriend’ ‘close friend’ ‘friend’ ‘acquaintance’. No. Just see them as simple humans. And yes, he gave a new insight into this prevailing thought of mine. And I thank him alot for this. But I ended up disagreeing with him at a point. Because exactly we are humans we need people to bond. We bond, we get attached. And then we expect. This normal human nature. You cannot change that. Working on your ownself will also not help. I have been there. I have done this and I know how it works. And I assume everyone at a point knows this. And you do end up with that one ‘MY PERSON’ which according to you is completely yours. You love them like your now part, your ownself. And you can never stop loving them. You need that one person, you need to give tag to that one person, you know despite working on yourself for years, you end up giving this one tag. And trust me it’s worth it. And to this one person you confined in all your sins. All your problems, all your shit, all your crap. And again this is this one person you remain true to. Because you love them from core, and if you can love any such one person in your life, who ever it is friend,lover or now a stranger. You have achieved you salvation. ‘Fake’ is for everyone, no one will ever show you your true face. Not everyone can like all the human beings. People are different with different thinking, different perspective. And you cannot like them all. But you can respect them all. And accept it that,

‘I don’t like you respective view.’


‘I don’t like this person’

on face and yet be there to help that person out, standing with them in tough, hard times is what I feel is a hallmark of a good human being. Obviously, you cannot know that the person you dont like is in trouble,because your are certainly not a magician and s/he wont come up to you, but you can always see and observe and you can keep bonds clear by telling them, with utmost honest that, ‘I don’t like this.’ ‘And that doesn’t make you a bad human or uneligible for my friendship, but this is it.’ ‘And I can’t fake it like rest of the world. But you will always find me.’ And that is how you don’t play with people’s emotions. That is how you protect each other. Neither they get attached nor you have to pretend and live with a guilt that I am not honest. Atleast this what I believe in and this is what I am taught, value human emotions. Not play with them.

And how they end up defining bonds ? By what we did for you ? Like seriously what you did ? Everyone make sacrifices for each other. That’s how relationship works. You don’t count on your sacrifices, you do them from the bottom your heart. Because you feel the joy of giving ( the basic of any relationship) when you feel your person is happy. It’s not about how many times you have checked on the other person. It’s not about that you made sure that your person has eaten something or not, or you forcing them to eat. It’s not about being possessive and proctecting them from danger. It’s not about wheather you like there certain habits or not. No.No. That is what a bodyguard or maybe a person who provides nursing, a care taker, or something like that does. What a true person stands for is that they are always there for you. That they never let you fall apart. They are always there to hold you even in the bad times. You know, they happily accept you bad behaviour, you can tell them about it without them thinking that you are a bad person,because they know that what is inside you is purer and more beautiful. Because they have seen a side that they believe is more stronger and can never die. They stand by you to let you know that, Yes no matter what we accept each other. We all have flaws but what love,affection, care and respect demands is this. ‘I care about you’ ‘I love you’ You can say all this 25 times a day, but when you can’t accept your person, these are just words. Feeding them with food or making sure that they end up doing there work is not how you show I care. That is natural, that comes with understanding. But what care actually stands for is accepting and giving. And everytime you cannot be accurate and correct. You can be wrong too. And accepting that I am wrong, doesn’t make us weak, but strong. That yes, we know our flaw and we are working on it. And you are lucky if you find this one person, who won’t judge you. Yet you can confined in him/her all of yourself. And if you end being true to even this one person in your life, you have achieved it. Life is not always about money,career or cars,mansions or 20,000 people. Life is all about small small happy things and moments. And few bunch of people, you can call as your own. Not everyone deserves to know all of you. Only such people does.


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