Two Year Old Babyy

Finally, my baby is now 2 year old. I guess I am getting hell obsessed with this baby word. But, Perfect Blemish has always been a baby to me. This page has given me an identity. An identity that I also exist as an individual. And I know that lately I am not posting anything, not updating it. And I am very irregular. And I am failing as a writer. I know I am not doing justice to my thing, my love, basically my identity. But I have been caught up by thing so much that I dont get time for myself. Last year also, I was not able to update anything on such a special day and this year also I am not able to do something. So, I am just posting this shitty stuff so that something or the other is there on the page on today’s date. 23rd February is very special date not just because Perfect Blemish was born, but because I was also born again. 😊


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