Online Florist

….Autumn is here. It’s that season of the cycle which is solely made for broken souls. The lovers of art. The ones lost in time. The poets,the painters,the writers.
Flowers ? She never liked flowers, actually bouquets. Why? Because you can’t keep them as memories for entire life. They will stay with you for few hours and then you have to throw them in dustbin, it’s like throwing away the love. And it’s really hard. Though flowers in gardens always appealed her. But that autumn, things were not same. She was busy with her job. Job, that was just a way to hide here lonliness. She was recluse, always kept herself hidden somewhere. It was her father’s birthday day. Yes, she wanted to meet him, to touch him, to hug him, to get a forehead kiss. But***

And that but is the bump on the road and was jolting her back for doing this.

The words spoken by him that day left wounds on her heart. Time went by, wounds healed. Worlds sees them as tattoo but they are scars, scars that cannot be recovered. Those words still haunt her.

It was her father’s birthday. She wanted him to be happy. Though she won’t be able to see but then she can bring that smile. And flowers were the key to that. That day first time in her entire life she searched for online florist. Those who deliver flowers to whom we want. She called the florist in the small town of dehradun. Online flower, she thought he won’t get it and like this she will safeguard herself. She not only ordered a single bouquet but she asked for the whole decoration of the house. That joy lasted only for a day but that was enough for her.

You know their are grudges but it’s always the time that heals everything. She could have tried atleast once to talk to her father but then she never did.

Now every year the florist delivers the flower in the town of dehradum spreading happiness but somehow it’s increasing the distance.

It’s not about the material things man can give. It’s about his time,attention,honesty,loyalty and efforts. These gifts means more than anything money could buy.


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