The Beauty of Being Abandoned

“She comes off as strong,but maybe she fell asleep crying. She acts like nothing is wrong,but maybe she’s just really good at lying.”
She woke up again with that charming smile and glittery eyes which were a large ocean of water last night.She chanted silent prayers hoping that the day will bring happiness for her. Or hoping that one day she’ll get the happiness she deserves. Stupid girl she 
didn’t know that happiness was not the part of her destiny and destiny had different plans. She wore her big specticals and came out of her bed and went in front of mirror what she saw was a big fat figure and round face with lots of pimples but this was not what affected her what disturbed her was the abuses she got to hear. Her family was a mess,from morning till evening what she came to hear was abuses and misemploy of words. Fights were what all she had witnessed since childhood. Ignoring all this she got ready and left for school. Waiting for her so called best friend who was with her again for her own purposes. This was only what she has experienced in life mean nature of people. Then also she loved her like sky loves its only moon.
What all she wanted from life was first that home is not a place,but a feeling. Second, that time is not measure by a clock,but by moments.Third,that heartbeats are not heard,but felt and shared. This was what all she wanted to feel.She was not like other girls quite different she doesn’t likes to put on make up and wear short dress and flaunt rather she was simple and so much into her self that she don’t care what others think. Modesty and courtesy were her jewels. She was one of those who believed in giving rather than taking. Making somebody happy was enough to make her day. What all she wanted was to give and spread love and happiness and in return get some respect. A warm hug of love was what all she demanded for. This was all she wanted. What was her fault? Was she expecting more from life?I guess no but unfortunately what life has for her was rebuff and gloom and all she got was hatred.
She was all alone, submerged in her novels and her own world where love exist. Nobody use to talk to her just because she was not a zero figure, fiery and chick and was a kind of nerdy. Yes,she was not vogue yet beautiful,beautiful by her heart. Was these reasons enough to judge somebody? I guess people do this only. People used to come and talk to her when ever they got stucked with their things from pens to project works,she never use to say a no rather happily helped everybody. Even after being so kind and essence what all she got was nothing. Then also smile never left her face. She has accepted the life as it was and why would she even expect something from someone. This was all she has been facing since childhood, from home to her school. Desolation and wretchedness was what she was a victim of. She has accepted this behaviour of people because this was the only way she was treated at home not being valued and respected for what all she did, always taken for granted and when her own people,her own family doesn’t respect her why would others. She had given up on people but not on love. Just like the first ray of sun comes up with new beginning she also hoped that one day she’ll get never ending happiness.
Then came the turning point of herlife a new guy entered her life obviously with some of his own purposes. He want her to help him reach her bestfriend as she was one of the chicks of the school. With her competent nature she was ready to help,but this was not what life has to offer. Soon his purpose changed and he realised that it was not her bestfriend whom he wanted it was her whom he want the most.From stupid small conversations to serious late night phone calls he came to know that yes she was awesome in her own way.That she was the one he was looking for. The perfect one in his life. The one who completes him in every aspect. The quantity and quality of  love she offers was beyond anybody’s thinking. Her thoughts and perspective towards life made her unique in a special way. He fell in love with her,yes he did. He fell in love with her courage,her sincerity and her flaming self respect. And it’s these thing he’d believe in, ever if the whole world indulged in wild suspicious that she wasn’t all she should be. He loved her and it was the beginning     of everything. But everything that falls gets broken.
She used to think he didn’t care about her, he use to flirt with everyone and not her. She believed that he came with a purpose of getting her bestfriend and that she is just a tool to reach his goal and their’s no hope.
Yes,he use to flirt with everyone just to pass his time but use to watch her secretly,he thought that she was always lost in her own little world and she doesn’t need anyone.
She was a dreamer,reality scared her so much that she made her own little world behind those high walls waiting for someone who’d care enough to break those walls. Yes she was scared, she was scared of people. she knew that people are not trustable and what all she has got from life was betrayal only. People use to leave her alone when she needed them the most. What life has offered her was only infidelity.
A heap of misunderstanding was all that was built between them which led them nowhere but to distruction. Distruction of beautiful,mesmerizing,bewitch and enthral friendship.
He might get over her and find a new girl but she was left with a pain in her empty chest that would last long forever.
She is standing in front of mirror hating herself more even more than before for not being enough,not being good enough,not smart enough,not pretty enough. She was all broken again and her eyes got watery and she felt something wet on her cheeks and soon again lonliness haunted her and all she was surrounded by was the emptiness of her life.



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